Advanced CVT technology for lawn tractors

General Transmissions brings breakthrough engineering to residential lawn care. Part Transmission. Part Tank. Element V™ Automatic transmissions are the strongest, toughest, most technologically advanced CVT, (Continuously Variable Transmission) in the industry.
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Thanks to lean, efficient design, they allow to deliver maximum power to the cutting deck and ensure cooler operating temperatures for less wear and longer life.

These transmissions are protected from wear and tear by a custom glass fiber composite housing that not only deflects debris, but resists to high load efforts as well.

Heavy-duty belts are guaranteed to take on the rigors of extreme acceleration and will outlast anything else on the market.

Simple, single control (RS 800) means intuitive operation for users.

Thousands of testing hours in all possible conditions have shaped and conditioned Element V™ transmissions to be the toughest most technologically advanced lawn tractor CVT ever built.
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Backed by the experience and proven reputation of General Transmissions, creator of superior outdoor power equipment transmissions for over 20 years.